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Custom Made Clothing

Yes - We still make custom made clothing.


But please understand - In order for us to properly tailor your needs - we Require Proper Measurements. If your Local to South Florida, we would like to set an appointment to meet with you. If you are too far for us to meet, we have provided simple instructions of How to Take Measurements. You'll need someones Help, don't try to do it yourself!


Obviously, a custom tailored outfit will take time to produce. The turn around for an item off of one of our lines is generally about 3 to 4 weeks. However; something more elaborate - like a laced wedding gown with a full train and incorporated full length veil - will take considerably more time. An elaborate gown can take 6 - 8 Months to produce. There are many variables involved.


When possible - we gladly conduct fittings! This helps us ensure the quality and satisfaction we aspire to bring to you.

Sizes Chart 


How to Measure

Accurately measure your body to know your measurement size.

1. Bust- Measure the circumference around the front chest to the back.

2. Waist - Measure the circumference around the waist.

3. Hip- Measure the circumference around the hip.


Bridal Sizes Chart and How to Measure 

Payment Methods

Accurately measure your body to know your measurement size for bridal. Please follow the yellow highlight to do the measurement. PLEASE, have someone help you.

How to Measure


Modest Fashionable Trendy Women's Clothing

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