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Hermilia E. Andre

Hermilia Andre

My mother was a Fashion Designer and an extremely skilled Tailor. Her success in Haiti allowed her to travel to America, further her education, and begin to pursue the American dream.

My mother was an entrepreneur and business owner. But as a Haitian Woman, it was extremely difficult to be seen as anything other than a seamstress, in a time when only Men were considered Tailors...

As a child, I watched my mother closely and quickly learned to sew. It wasn’t long before I was helping my mother create many different styles of cloths. Designing, making patterns, sewing… all became my passions.

Through her example, my mother taught me the importance of working Hard, tackling obstacles, and perseverance. But as a single mother, she set her dreams aside and worked many jobs to provide for my sister and I, so that we may pursue higher education and succeed in America.

Watching my mother’s struggles, and dealing with my own as I matured, only further encouraged me to work Harder and Never give up on my dreams.

After a lifelong battle with Diabetes, my mother was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. I set my dreams aside, to be at my mother’s side, and help her in every way that I could as she tackled her largest battle.

Watching her Fight, for Three Years, unwilling to give up, only solidified my personal foundations. Even in my weakest moments, I could still see a woman I inspired to be. And I believe this stage of my life helped make me a stronger mother, wife, and follower of Christ.

Now that my mother has moved on, it’s time to pick up the reigns of my dreams and continue forward...

Some of my collections will have a signature piece.This signature piece will have varied shades of purple, to show our support in the search for a cure for pancreatic cancer.

Herlie Wilbanks

Herlie Wibanks

Herlie Saint Louis was born in the Sunshine State December 1980. Raised in the heart of Miami, her childhood was most largely influenced by her mother Hermilia, a dressmaker who valued a woman’s right to dress elegantly. Herlie spent hours watching her mother create or alter clothing. By the time she was 10, Herlie was designing and constructing clothing for all of her dolls. It wasn’t long before she was creating her own clothing.

Herlie has always loved art, clothing, and landscaping. Herlie enjoys painting, photography, dancing, gardening, landscaping, cooking, sewing, dress making, custom tailoring... there are few expressive mediums she hasn't explored.

As she attended The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Herlie desired to better understand the consumer’s perspective of fashion. She already knew what women were being Told to wear. She desired to know what women Wanted to wear. So she joined the retail industry. For seven years, Herlie enjoyed attending customers with Macys, Bloomingdales, and Neiman Marcus. She learned that the desire of the customer does not change. Every woman wants to look in the mirror, and feel confident. And every woman deserves that.

Herlie started Hermilia Yves in a small apartment in Miami making alterations and constructing simple garments. Before long, she was creating / redesigning custom made gowns and wedding dresses. We are now aspiring to provide modest and elegant clothing for all woman.

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