This dress is also exclusive and limted. On the left side of the dress has three layer flounce ruffles.  If you want sleeve to add on the dress it can be done.  This dress is very comfortable to wear. The dress has a stretch.  It is machine washable.

Women's Navy Blue Dress with Flounce

  • If you want sleeve to be add onto the dress.  The types of sleeve can be add are short, 3/4, and long sleeves. 

    When you order your dress please email an copy of your order with your name and a measurment of your arm. Go to our how to measure we will need for

    short sleeve (length, biscep circumference)

    3/4 sleeve (length to the elbow, elbow circumference)

    long sleeve (length to the wrist, wrist circumference)

    Please have someone help you to have accurate measurments.